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Haskins Advisory Group
About Haskins Advisory Group
Formed in 2011 by former GS1 employees, Haskins was established to help manufacturers navigate the complexities of the GS1 System of Standards. Our collective GS1 consulting experience spans assessments, implementation, account management, GS1 training, and technical support.  

We have experience working with most major Data Pools in North America, such as 1WorldSync, FSEnet, Edgenet, ECCnet, Syncfonia, and other GDSN solution partners.
Haskins can help you comply with the needs of your trading partners through Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) best practices. Focusing on where you are, we are not pushing any particular standard; we help our customers meet the needs of their trading partners and government agencies. 

In 2013, we expanded our services to include Healthcare. Our services include helping Medical Device manufacturers to meet compliance with the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) by guiding them through the detailed requirements. The GUDID is a database administered by the FDA that will serve as a reference catalog for every device with an identifier. The public can access medical device information contained in the GUDID.

The mission of Haskins Advisory Group is to help our clients comply with their GDSN customers and governmental agencies requests for product data by providing strategic analysis, implementation, and outsourcing services. Though we have over 10 years of experience, it is not Haskins intent to push standards where they are not required. We develop solutions based on our customers’ unique needs. 

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