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Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) for the Foodservices Industry
The Foodservice industry has realized numerous operational efficiencies through the use of the GS1 Standards. All aspects of the foodservice supply chain has been positively affected by the exchange of high quality product data, which is at the heart of this movement. 

Since 2009, members of the GS1 US Foodservice initiative have been working together to drive adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards within the foodservice supply chain to achieve these goals: optimize supply chain efficiency, enhance food safety, and improve product information. 

Since 2012, Haskins Advisory Group has been an integral part of the initiative. Our talented staff has worked with the leading Foodservice Data Pool to on-board manufacturers to some of the largest Food Distributors in the country. We saw the first defection from one Data Pool to another to get the focused and customized support needed to meet the demands of the industry. There’s been a lot of transition since those early days.

As a GS1 US Solution Partner, we have the talent and resources to help your company realize the benefits of the goals established by the GS1 US Foodservice initiative. (1) Courtesy of GS1 US.

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