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Haskins Advisory Group
Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) Services
1. Consulting Services: Trading Partner's attributes analysis

2. Consulting Services: Assessment of current state and comparison to GDSN Best Practices

3. Consulting Services: Data Synchronization Program 
  • Assist in Data Pool selection and define connectivity options (i.e. AS2/XML)
  • Develop Data synchronization strategy for implementation and management
  • Identify and document trading partner synchronization requirements
  • Error handling and release management     
  • GTIN audit synchronization status
  • Create and baseline key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Presentation of program
  • Documented recommendations for the future state of GDSN business processes

4. Consulting Services: Oversee mergers and acquisitions

5. Administrative Services: Ongoing service and maintenance
  • Implement new product introduction
  • Synchronize new products to new and existing demand-size customers
  • Maintain existing publication of product data to demand side customers
  • Resolve errors related to synchronizing product data
  • Release management and trading partner updates

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Haskins Advisory Group helps our customers design and setup their personalized Global Data Synchronization Network programs. We setup the GDSN connections and populate product data into their trading partners' portals, troubleshoot any issues that arise and document the process. Our GDSN services include, but are not limited to: